Educational Benefits of Polygon Puzzle

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Inspire YOUNG MINDS with the Polygon Puzzle:

Puzzles cultivate the senses, promote language and mathematical development, eye-hand coordination, problem-solving, spatial and motor skills.

Heighten the senses:

  • Contrast in wood tones
  • Natural swirling designs of the wood's grain
  • Recognition of the same shape in positive space in the puzzle and negative space in the base
  • Ability to line up the puzzle piece with the base perfectly to insert the puzzle piece
  • Ability to distinguish and match shapes
  • Recognition of shape by touch
  • Distinguish and match shapes by touch

Promote language and mathematical development:

  • Pre-reading skills
  • Geometry vocabulary
  • Polygon differentiation
  • Polygon recognition

Aid eye-hand coordination, problem-solving, spatial and motor skills by fitting the puzzle piece into the base and lifting it out.