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The Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles:

Most parents instinctually know that jigsaw puzzles are beneficial. But how, exactly? Jigsaw puzzles promote visual and tactile skills, language and mathematical development, eye-hand coordination, spatial skills, recognition, problem-solving and motor skills. Most of these benefits will get a quick confirmation nod of the head. Let's take a closer look at one benefit you may have questioned - language development.

Language development goes beyond learning the simple vocabulary to describe the puzzle. It helps build the recognition that an object's position is important. Jigsaw pieces must be rotated correctly in order to complete the puzzle correctly. So, how does this improve language development? Because a "d", "b", "p", and even a "q" are all the same shape - it is their position that identifies them. Many children struggle with these differences when they learn to read and write. Jigsaw puzzles help them realize the importance of position and build the spatial skills that enable them to quickly recognize the differences between these letters.

So help prepare your child in their language development - do jigsaw puzzles!