Activities for the Constructive Triangles Inset Board

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Constructive Triangle Inset Board

The Constructive Triangle Inset Board provides a means for self-correction that the Constructive Triangles on their own, are lacking.

  • Set the Inset Board, filled with a set of the Constructive Triangles, in front of you. Remove the triangles and set them above the appropriate inset.
  • With your finger, trace the first shape in the inset board: the triangle. Select a right angle isosceles triangle. Trace its edge. Place it into the inset board. Trace the remaining space. Select the other right angle isosceles triangle. Turn it so it will fit into the inset board. Trace its edge. Place it into the inset board to complete the first inset. Trace the completed new triangle.
  • Repeat the above for the remaining insets, using the appropriate triangles.
  • Repeat above labeling the piece after tracing it and labeling the base inset after tracing it.
  • Insert triangles after setting the triangles in random order.
  • Insert triangles after setting them behind you in random order.