Activities for the Pattern Circles

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Pattern Circles

  • Show your child each pattern circle, tracing the pattern with your finger.
  • Introduce language, naming each pattern.
  • Seperate the pattern circles into two sets of 6 different patterns. Arrange one set in a column in front of you face side up. Arrange the other set in a row in front of you face side down. Select one of the face side down circles, flip it over and match to the column. Young children can do this by sight, older children will like the challenge of doing this with their eyes shut. Continue until all circles are matched.
  • Mix up all the pattern circles and then sort and match by pattern - initially by sight and then tactilely with eyes shut.
  • Mix up the pattern circles and place upside down. Arrange in rows. Flip over two circles until a match is made. Claim the match and then repeat with the remaining circles until all are matched.
  • Place two different pattern circles pattern-side up in front of you. Close your eyes. Mix up the pattern circles. Ask yourself where a particular pattern circle is by name. Feel each pattern circle until you find it. Then give your child a turn. Gradually add additional pattern circles.