How we are Green

Preserving our environment for our children:

We are proud to be GREEN and our efforts have been noticed - we are a 2011 Dr. Toy Best Green Product Award winner!


What are our green principles?

We craft our products from wood - a renewable biodegradable resource. Unlike many who use plywood, MDF, or other engineered woods (which contain added chemical adhesives and require more energy to produce), we only use 100% solid natural hardwoods. It is sourced from local sawmills and comes from sustainably harvested trees.

Every possible inch of wood is utilized - cutoff pieces are put back into the process and used when smaller parts are needed.

We re-engineer conventional construction methods to eliminate/reduce the need for glue and fasteners, thereby eliminating both the energy and materials required to produce and transport these products, as well as their potential hazards to the environment.

We hand finish our products with a safe food-grade oil and wax finish. Whenever color is used, we apply a safe, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, water-based stain. No paint.

Our products are packaged in recycled material. Product tags are printed on recycled paper and hang tags are printed with soy and vegetable based inks.

Our products are made exclusively in the USA from American materials and we only use American made packaging - which reduces fuel and emissions.


Eco-friendly by choice!